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Does chemistry excite you? Chemistry excites us! 

We believe that the right chemistry, at the right dosage, is critical for performance. We do not believe in a one-size-fits all approach. Instead, we look to understand each product’s structure-function relationship. In other words, the “WHY” something happens. Presenting data, or the “what” happened, is easy. Explaining the mechanics as to why it happened is not. 

From multifunctional additives to pigment dispersants or from emulsifiers to functional monomers for emulsion polymers, Stepan has the chemistry and expertise to help meet your needs. Our suite of solutions include: 

Multifunctional wetting agents designed to improve key dry film properties

water dropsChemistries: Alkoxylates, phosphate esters, sulf(on)ates
Trade Name: STEPCOTE

Dispersants and dispersing aids for organic and inorganic pigments in waterborne systems

blue powderChemistries: Phosphate esters, high performance polymerics

Emulsifiers, latex additives and functional monomers for the synthesis of emulsion polymers

 milk splashChemistries: Alkoxylates, phosphate esters, sulf(on)ates, functional monomers,
 reactive surfactants
 Trade Name: POLYSTEP®

We would be delighted to “talk chemistry” with you and assist you in finding the right products for your application needs. See how we combine our almost 90 years of surfactant experience with a fresh approach to C.A.S.E. to bring something new from the tried and true. Contact us to learn more! 

  • agentes humectantes

    You have many choices when it comes to improving your product's performance. Stepan challenges you to think differently about solutions and consider a multifunctional additive to tackle you toughest formulation challenges. 

    Our new STEPCOTE line of multifunctional wetting agents are designed to provide sustainable and functional solutions for waterborne acrylic systems in architectural and industrial applications. Each STEPCOTE product is free of alkyl phenol ethoxylates (APE-Free) and uses proven chemistries from Stepan's broad manufacturing network, including phosphate esters, ethoxylates, propoxylates and sulfonates.

    In addition, the STEPCOTE line of products lower surface tension while improving key formulation properties such as:

    Color Acceptance            Corrosion Resistance                          Gloss   

    Hiding                              High-Temp Block Resistance              Scrub Resistance  

    Check out the STEPCOTE overview for more details and to see the relative performances of Stepan’s wetting agents in an acrylic system.

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